Corel acquires SoftQuad

C. Perry Willett pwillett at
Wed Aug 8 08:42:53 EDT 2001

Corel has acquired Softquad, the company which produces
XMetal and other XML/SGML software. From the press release
on the Softquad website <>:

  By acquiring SoftQuad and its ground-breaking XML-enabling
  technologies, Corel is adding a key ingredient required to
  implement horizon two of its growth strategy. In addition, this
  acquisition will enable Corel to enrich the existing XML
  capabilities within its WordPerfect product line.

I think XMetal is the best XML editor out there; I hope it
continues on its own, and isn't used only to "enrich the 
existing XML capabilities" of Wordperfect.

Perry Willett
Main Library
Indiana University
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