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The first draft of a Library application profile for Dublin Core is now
available at:

This document will be discussed at a meeting of the DC-Libraries Working
Group in Boston, Mass. on 22 August in conjunction with the IFLA
conference.  That meeting was previously announced on this list.

A library application profile is a specification that defines the
following in terms of the use of the Dublin Core metadata element set:

     * required elements 
     * permitted Dublin Core elements 
     * permitted Dublin Core qualifiers 
     * permitted schemes and values (e.g. use of a specific controlled
       vocabulary or encoding scheme) 
     * library domain elements (to be registered) 
     * library domain qualifiers (to be registered) 
     * additional elements/qualifiers from other application profiles that
       may be used (e.g. DC-Education: Audience) 
     * refinement of standard definitions; best practice statements 

The document proposes a possible application profile that clarifies the
use of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set in libraries
and library-related applications and projects. It was prepared by the
DCMI-Libraries Application Profile working group, a subset
of the DCMI-Libraries Working Group. There are numerous questions and
issues that need to be addressed, so it is a work in progress.

After the Boston meeting of DC-Lib WG the document will be revised for
further consideration at the DC-9 meeting in Tokyo. Any comments may be
sent to dc-libraries at jiscmail.ac.uk or to me.

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