Medlane Project News (Aug. 2001)

Dick Miller dick at
Sun Aug 19 15:20:55 EDT 2001

Although we've been kinda quiet, Lane Medical Library's Medlane Project
staff have been busy.

1.  Following a presentation at the Medical Library Association annual
meeting in May,
the Medlane Project made its comparative search test databases available.
These include Oracle, XQEngine, and Tamino (UltraSeek is disabled at
present due to license) and are available at:
Note that the databases are different sizes and reside on different
machines and that this experiment is NOT intended for comparative
benchmarking.  Each method uses the same stylesheets, making it difficult
to distinguish search results.  While the different methods have strengths
and weakness, we have decided to do further study and investigate some new
options before making decisions.

2.  Four project staff taught a full-day "XML for Librarians" CE course for
20 at Stanford and for 30 in Orlando, FL in May.  The course received
favorable evaluations; however, it is apparent that separate introductory
and advanced classes would better address the needs of librarians with
varying degrees of familiarity with web and database technologies.  The
course is being converted as a web offering, potentially using a mix of
slides, sound, and streaming video. (The course will not be offered at the
MLA meeting in Dallas in 2002.)

3.  XML's international influence may be greater than in the United States.
 "XML: Libraries' strategic opportunity" has been translated into Korean by
the National Assembly Library of the Republic of Korea.  The translation is
available on their library website:
PDF at:
A visitor to Lane reported on interesting projects in Korea, including a
10-year government mandated project to convert all government documents to
XML for accessibility.  

We'll try to report Project news more timely in the future :-).  Dick

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