[XML4LIB] RE: XML on Netscape?

Chuck Bearden cbearden at rice.edu
Wed Jul 18 12:22:01 EDT 2001

By way of follow-up to my posting yesterday about AxKit, I'm posting
the link to a brief demo of XSLT transformation I created for an
introductory XML course given by a colleague here at Rice:


I use three finding aids from collections in our Woodson Research
Collection, marked up in EAD as part of the TARO project.  There are
links permitting you to view them as plain XML (mime type
'text/plain'), and transformed according to each of five XSLT

Let me emphasize that I don't know XSLT.  Daniel Pitti of IATH at UVa
created these stylesheets for use in the courses he teaches, and he
kindly sent them to me for the purposes of creating this demo.  These
stylesheets were not designed for transforming EAD into HTML for
public use on websites, but rather for illustrating XSLT
transformation pedagogically.

My demo is designed to show folks new to XML how one document source
can be transformed into multiple outputs--something which readers of
this list are well aware of.  However, it also lets you see AxKit
with libxml2 and libxslt at work.

Daniel also relayed the following useful information about client-side
conformity to the XSLT standard:

 "You might also point out that client side processing by IE5 does not
  use the W3C XSLT spec, but an earlier draft, with some MicroSoftism.
  Stylesheets need to be brought up to the current standard to work.
  MicroSoft has a free utility for transforming the stylesheets that
  work in IE5 to the current spec."

I hope this is helpful.


On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Chuck Bearden wrote:

> I haven't tried Cocoon yet, but I have set up AxKit, which runs in
> Apache's mod_perl environment, and it works well for the uses to
> which I've put it so far (chiefly demonstrating server-side
> transformation of XML to HTML through XSLT).

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