Announcement for James (Java MARC Events) beta 3

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Sun Feb 3 09:50:23 EST 2002

Announcement for James (Java MARC Events) beta 3

The following changes are made in this new release of James:

- Added the com.bpeters.james.ErrorHandler interface (it was available in James beta 1 so actually I have put it back in). 
- Removed MARC21 related datatype validation for Tag, Indicator and Identifier. James should now be able to parse UNIMARC records. 
- Renamed the startTape() and endTape() methods in the com.bpeters.james.MARCHandler interface into startFile() and endFile(). 
- Added the com.bpeters.james.helpers.DefaultHandler, a class that provides default implementations for the callbacks in the James package. 
- Changed the GPL license into the Lesser GPL license. 
- Rewrote the sample programs.
- Fixed some other small bugs. 

James is a Java API that provides an event model for MARC records through Java callbacks. James is inspired by the Simple API for XML (SAX). Using James one can write programs that involve MARC records without knowing the details of the MARC record structure.

James provides a sequential model to access a collection of MARC records in tape format. The goal of James is to provide a generic application interface for records that conform to the MARC standard. The MARCHandler interface provides methods to get information about the record label (record position 00-23), control fields (001-009) and data fields (010-999), including indicator values, tag names, data element identifiers and data elements. The ErrorHandler interface provides methods to handle exceptions thrown by the MARC parser.

Besides the event model James also includes a MARC object model to provide a round trip from MARC to a different format using the event model (for example to convert MARC records to XML) and from a non-MARC format to MARC using Record objects. Using the MARC object model it is for example possible to use the XML SAX API to build MARC Record objects from XML and to serialize them to tape format.

James is published under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. 

Downloads and additional information can be found at

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