[XML4LIB] RE: Databases or XML

chas at lib.uchicago.edu chas at lib.uchicago.edu
Sat Feb 9 20:04:02 EST 2002

Larry> anyone developed a list of practical uses for XML for
Larry> libraries?

here are some (in use or being developed for our library):

1. locally created finding aids marked up in EAD (convert SGML to XML;
   index it; search and display it)
2. commercially created full-text data (convert SGML to XML, use XSLT
   to create output one can then index in another, locally created
3. writing an annual report
4. writing project plans that one can then repurpose, using XSLT,
   including publishing them as HTML on the web
5. writing other internal documents

this thread began by comparing and contrasting XML and RDB approaches
to data. when one compares XML to other possible approaches to
creating or handling full-text data, i think the advantages of an XML
approach are much harder to contest.

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