Web-based course material - archiving ??

Charles Lockwood CLockwood at loyola.edu
Mon Feb 11 10:19:55 EST 2002

Hello all,
We have an interest in exploring the possibilities of repurposing for a digital library content which faculty and students have created in their web based courseware. 
I have discovered that courses "archived" by the courseware creates a zip file containing many small xml files (to be re-imported into the courseware at a later date if the teacher so chooses).
 It is interesting to see the form these xml files take, and to consider how one may get at some of this data outside of the courseware. This is with the assumption that the courseware doesn't own  some of this content, (just the process and presentation.)    : ) 
 I'm not an xml/xsl programmer, but keenly curious
about the potentials here.
Let me know if you are considering this, or know of grant opportunities that may allow for some more resources to explore this.

Charles Lockwood
Librarian, Digital Access 
Loyola Notre Dame College Library
Baltimore, MD 

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