[XML4LIB] Re: The impact of XML/RDF on digital libraries

Rhyno Art arhyno at server.uwindsor.ca
Fri Feb 22 11:28:46 EST 2002

> IF an economically viable and compelling application could be demonstrated
> then perhaps we would have our answer about RDF.  
> Like some of you, I am still waiting to see that product or service
> demonstrated.
It's a little dated now, but Edd Dumbill's "Putting RDF to Work"
<http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2000/08/09/rdfdb/> is an interesting look at RDF
from a database perspective, and I think this is where you get a sense of
the practical side of RDF. It doesn't meet the criteria for "unimagined
access to information" by any means, but leaving aside what the encoding
is like and messy illustrations of directed label graphs, RDF looks much
more malleable when designing a database, and maybe this is where the
compelling applications will come from. Dumbill notes that a well-designed
vocabulary is probably 80 percent of the work in the application, and RDF
isn't going to do that part. But if you want to annotate network resources,
add localized terms to an existing metadata scheme, or combine
vocabularies, and want a database behind it all, then maybe RDF looks more
elegant on the back end than on the front. 

art (who now promises to be quiet on RDF for the rest of the thread)

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