[XML4LIB] Open-source XML viewer/browser

Brian Sheppard bboru at umich.edu
Mon Mar 18 21:57:36 EST 2002

Have you looked into Cocoon, the java-based environment for Apache?
< http://xml.apache.org/cocoon/index.html >
To my understanding, there isn't really such a bird as an xml browser;
only xml-to-html (or xml-to-xml) transformation software. In this vein,
there is Xalan which is written in C++.
 <  http://xml.apache.org/xalan-c/index.html >
If there is such a thing as an xml browser, I'd expect it to be
java-based, to accommodate the range of platforms. Do you know if all of
your intended audience uses a certain plaform? (Or whether that might
Best Regards,

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Jonathan Furner wrote:

> Dear XML4LIB-bers:
> Does anyone happen to know of an open-source XML browser written in C++?
> Here at UCLA, some of us are building a research-support system for social
> scientists. Our users need (amongst other things) to create digital
> transcripts of the text of historical manuscripts, assign codes to passages
> of text, and view these passages and codes in spreadsheet (row/column)
> format. Until now, our thinking has been that, to ensure maximum
> interoperability amongst modules, we should store passages and codes in XML
> format, and use XSLT to define the spreadsheet view. In building the system,
> we would also like to take as much advantage as we can of open-source
> software. So, we're using AbiWord as the editor in which users may create
> and save transcripts, and we were hoping to use various components of IBM
> AlphaWorks' XML for C++ suite to support the XSL transformations. But, if my
> understanding is correct (and it may very well not be), we need to implement
> in our system a simple XML viewer/browser in which users may view the
> transformed (i.e., spreadsheet-formatted) data; yet it appears that the
> AlphaWorks suite does not include such a viewer. IBM does offer an XML
> Viewer, but it is written in Java, whereas the rest of our system is written
> in C++.
> We've searched high and low for an open-source XML viewer written in C++,
> but have drawn a blank. This has made us suspicious: are we looking for the
> wrong thing? Any suggestions gratefully received!
> All the best,
> Jonathan

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