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> From: Judith Matz <judith at arl.org>
> Date: Thu Sep 12, 2002  7:11:57 AM US/Pacific
> Subject: ARL Workshop on Web Development with XML
> Web Development with XML: Design and Applications
> January 20-24, 2003
> Tucson, AZ
> Responding to numerous requests, ARL is pleased to announce that its
> popular course, Web Development with XML, will be offered again. The
> January 20-24 workshop will be held at the Integrated Learning Center 
> of
> the University of Arizona.
> Taught by seasoned SGML and XML developers from the University of
> Virginia and Brown University, this five-day workshop will explore XML
> with specific consideration of how it is used and might be used in the
> creation of digital content for libraries. While there will be some
> lectures, the primary source of learning will come from hands-on
> demonstration and experimentation.
> Topics to be covered include:
> * XML: What is it? How does it differ from SGML and HTML?
> * The basics of reading Document Type Definitions (DTD's) and
> understanding the reasons for using them when constructing and writing
> XML content.
> * Implementing methods of content formatting, transformation, and
> delivery (including XSL, cascading stylesheets, and PERL) so the XML we
> build can be delivered, read, and used in a variety of formats.
> * Using XML applications to further utilize XML capabilities and
> technologies in a UNIX environment.
> Target Audience:
> This workshop will be particularly useful for people involved in
> creating Web sites, digital library development, and electronic
> publishing on the Web. Although the course is aimed at the XML 
> beginner,
> some familiarity with the theory and practice of markup (HTML, SGML) is
> expected, as are strong basic computing skills.
> Registration: <http://db.arl.org/xml/>
> Cost: $950 ARL members/ $1000 non-ARL members
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