[XML4LIB] Re: LC marcxml

Fernando Gómez fgomez at criba.edu.ar
Thu Sep 19 13:54:47 EDT 2002

From: "Richard Rathmann" <Richard.Rathmann at noaa.gov>
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2002 2:43 PM
Subject: [XML4LIB] Re: LC marcxml

> I didn't want to say anything in my initial response to Fernando, but I
had an
> idea for modifying the genvalidate.xsl file to be a little more helpful in
> finding where errors occur and wanted to test it first.

Thanks Richard for your suggestion; I'll take some time later to see how it

I'm also trying to contact someone at LC who can clarify the status of these
tools they are offering: if they are just a draft of what they are
developing, or if we can build applications based on them.

Any additional advice is welcome :)


Fernando Gómez

Biblioteca Dr. Antonio Monteiro
Instituto de Matemática de Bahía Blanca
Universidad Nacional del Sur / CONICET
Bahía Blanca - Argentina

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