Q: Examples of using XML to provide graphic and text only web pages

Daniel Cornwall dan_cornwall at eed.state.ak.us
Wed Sep 25 16:16:43 EDT 2002


This is my very first posting to xml4lib and I hope I'm not asking a 
completely naive question.

Can someone provide any examples of a library or other institution using 
XML files to serve up their "regular" and their "text only" pages.  As I 
understand the articles on XML I've read, one of its (potential?) strengths 
is to allow a content provider to provide the same information in a variety 
of formats.

I salivate at the idea of preparing just one set of "data" files to display 
both my regular and text only sites.  At one time, I thought I could do 
this with CSS, but it doesn't look like that will work.  Could this work 
with XML and has someone done so?

Thanks for listening, and apologies if you've done this topic to death!

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