[XML4LIB] RE: Describing fragments

Michael Fraser mike.fraser at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu Oct 9 10:51:33 EDT 2003

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Eli Naeher wrote:

> That having been said, I'd second the recommendation of NoteTab as an editor, and if
> somebody were to come up with a set of macros for TEI similar to what the NC ECHO
> people have done with EAD I would be a happy man. :)

Apologies for jumping in when I haven't really been following this thread,
but with reference to TEI and NoteTab, is this the sort of thing you were
thinking of?

"...the Digital Scriptorium also uses the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative)
standards to encode transcriptions of representative texts... The Digital
Scriptorium transcription DTD, ds2.dtd, provides a set of XML tags for the
transcription of medieval manuscripts, for use either with excerpts (e.g.,
transcripts of individual pages) or with full transcripts of an entire
manuscript. To simplify preparation of the encoded transcription, we also
provide documentation to show how to use the DTD with NoteTab Light, a
freeware editing program. We include a simple style sheet as part of the
ds2.exe package so that encoded transcriptions can be viewed and printed
in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer."


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