[XML4LIB] introduction to the sru

Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress rden at loc.gov
Tue Aug 3 15:04:38 EDT 2004

Thank you Eric.

I've put up a "bibliography" page,
with a link from the SRW home page.

Eric's article is the only entry so far, please send contributions.


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> (Please excuse the cross-postings.)
> While I am tooting my own horn here, and recording it in mailing list
> archives for posterity, the folks at Ariadne have published an article
> I wrote called "An Introduction to the Search/Retrieve URL Service
> (SRU)". From the article:
>    This article is an introduction to the "brother and
>    sister" Web Service protocols named Search/Retrieve Web
>    Service (SRW) and Search/Retrieve URL Service (SRU) with
>    an emphasis on the later. More specifically, the article
>    outlines the problems SRW/U are intended to solve, the
>    similarities and differences between SRW and SRU, the
>    complimentary nature of the protocols with OAI-PMH, and
>    how SRU is being employed in a sponsored NSF (National
>    Science Foundation) grant called OCKHAM to facilitate an
>    alerting service. The article is seasoned with a bit of
>    XML and Perl code to illustrate the points. If index
>    providers were to expose their services via SRW and/or
>    SRU, then the content of the 'hidden Web' would become
>    more accessible and there would be less of a need to
>    constantly re-invent the interfaces to these indexes.
>    http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue40/morgan/
> I think these Web Service protocols, SRW/U, hold A LOT of promise for
> searching the "hidden Web". I think it behooves us folks in Library
> Land to implement these protocols against locally developed,
> Internet-accessible indexes. Since the stuff returned from queries
> against SRW/U implementations are pure XML it is much easier to reuse
> this stuff for many and varied purposes. Display. Storage. Syndication.
> Meta searching. Etc.
> "Just give me the data!"
> -- 
> Eric Lease Morgan
> University Libraries of Notre Dame

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