[XML4LIB] Using XSLT on the Personal Web Server for Windows 9 8 or on a pc with

Stirnaman, Jason jason.stirnaman at sos.mo.gov
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Can you be more specific?  Are you transforming the data to XML when the
form is submitted?  

If you're running Personal Web Server, the simplest way to get started is
probably to use Microsoft's MSXML parser and Active Server Pages to do the
processing.  If you want to do it client-side, without PWS, you can use
VBSCript or JavaScript.  Either way, there will likely be some scripting
required to collect your form data.

A good reference is "Appendix A: Microsoft MSXML3" of Michael Kay's XSLT
Programmer's Reference http://www.wrox.com/books/0764543814.shtml


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I am seeking a way to process a web form using XSLT. The XSLT would return a
web page to the browser based on the inputted values on the form. It would
do this seamlessly. Initially, to cut my teeth, I am hoping to make this
work on Windows 98 Personal Web Server or on a stand alone pc with just a

I do not know if such a solution exists.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.


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