[XML4Lib] ALA program: "XML and Authority Control"

Manon Theroux manon.theroux at yale.edu
Tue Jun 14 10:18:56 EDT 2005

Thanks, Roy, for getting the list back up!

Those going to the American Library Association conference in Chicago in a 
couple weeks might be interested in the following program, sponsored by the 
LITA-ALCTS Authority Control in the Online Environment Interest Group (ACIG):

"XML and Authority Control"
Sunday, June 26, 2005, 1:30-4:30pm
McCormick Place Convention Center, S405

Program Description:
Information traditionally stored in MARC authority records in library 
catalogs is increasingly being used in interesting ways in XML 
environments. This program will look at standards that have emerged to 
facilitate the XML uses of authority data, projects that have begun to 
implement these standards, experimental research being conducted in the 
field, and general issues surrounding the use of controlled vocabularies in 
metadata descriptions.


1. "MADS (Metadata Authority Description Schema), a MODS Companion"
Sally H. McCallum, Chief, Network Development and MARC Standards Office, 
Library of Congress

2. "XML for Authorities at NLM: the Groundwork for an Integrated Authority 
Diane Boehr, Head of Cataloging, National Library of Medicine

3. "XML Name Access Control Repository at the Hong Kong University of 
Science & Technology Library"
Louisa Kwok, Head of Cataloging, HKUST Library

4. "Organic Authorities: XOBIS and the Metamorphosis of Library Data"
Kevin S. Clarke, Digital Projects Programmer, Firestone Library, Princeton 

5. "Web Service Experiments with Authority Control"
Thomas B. Hickey, Chief Scientist, OCLC

6. "Hong Kong Chinese Authority (Name) Project: the HKCAN XML Version"
Joanna Yi-hang Pong, Cataloguing Librarian, Run Run Shaw Library, City 
University of Hong Kong

Following the program, ACIG will conduct its regular business meeting, to 
end no later than 5:30pm. The business meeting is open to all; anyone 
interested in becoming involved in the interest group is encouraged to attend!

Note: For a fuller version of this announcement, including brief 
descriptions of the speakers' talks and an agenda for the business meeting, 
please go to:

Manon Théroux
Authority Control Librarian
Catalog Department
Yale University Library
P.O. Box 208240
New Haven, CT 06520-8240

203-432-8376 (tel)
203-432-7231 (fax)
manon.theroux at yale.edu 

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