[XML4Lib] ILS system architectures

Alexander Johannesen alexander.johannesen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 17:37:17 EST 2005

Jason Etheridge <phasefx at gmail.com> wrote:
>  http://open-ils.org/   :-)

That's an ILS based around a relational database, using C++ and Perl,
with PosgreSQL, the Apache webserver glue, and XUL for presentation.
Pick your developers from that list. :)

The good part of their site is the scatty requirements. Some time ago
I started work on Specifiki, a Wiki for creating specifications, and I
did this for trying to start an open ILS requirements and strategy
site. We here recently did this whole process and came out with one
system that, you know, did the usual but not the specifics (and my
personal opinion is that it does it appalingly).

I think an open ILS desires and specifications Wiki is still needed;
how many libraries haven't spent countless hours trying to pin down
their requirements, have the vendors report back to them, and they
have to had decided on something that didn't do half of it or
completely other things? With some brain-power, make it so that people
can tick them off and generate a report from them as well. Priceless
to both us and the vendors, and *just* in case some of us are crazy
enough to try and pull one off ourselves.

One thing I'd *love* to see is a common platform and clear separations
of the various layers in these systems (for example, no DB vendor
tie-in, or heck, no DB tie-in at all, but an SOA approach! I know;
crazy!), briefly touched upon earlier in this thread. Anyone got any
ideas in this respect?

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