[XML4Lib] need to remove namespace

John Fitzgibbon jfitzgibbon at Galwaylibrary.ie
Tue Jun 6 08:26:13 EDT 2006


I have written a style sheet that transforms an XML file that has been
created with MarcEdit. The default namespace in this file is marc. All
elements have the marc: prefix.

My style sheet does not reference elements in the marc: namespace. When
I created test data I removed marc: from the text and wrote the style
sheet without regard to any marc namespace. It is not possible to do
this with the real data as the file is too large and such a 'find and
replace' is taking several minutes.

How do I make my style sheet automatically treat all elements as
belonging to the marc namespace? I tried including an attribute in the
style sheet element of 


but my processor (both Xalan and Saxon) do not allow an empty value for
this attribute.

Any ideas would be very welcome.


John Fitzgibbon

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w: http://www.galwaylibrary.ie 

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