[XML4Lib] creating dynamic indices with XML, XSLT, and IIS

K.G. Schneider kgs at bluehighways.com
Mon Sep 18 09:57:17 EDT 2006

> An entirely different way to do this would be to use Swish-e to index your
> documents and then create the index pages on the fly with a CGI program
> that
> interfaces with the Swish-e index. This way, when you make any changes all
> you need to do is reindex. See swish-e.org for the free code.
> Roy

I'm sitting in a webex discussion about access to large content sets and one
of the things that I began pondering is the effect of incremental versus
all-or-nothing indexing on the findability of user-supplied content. The
idea of reindexing an entire set every time a change is made-which could
mean every time a tag is added or every time a user makes a comment-begins
to feel a bit musty...

K.G. Schneider
kgs at bluehighways.com 

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