[XML4Lib] notetab problems since installing oXygen

Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Wed Dec 5 12:28:48 EST 2007

Yesterday I installed <oXygen/> XML editor on a windows xp machine that 
already had notetab lite installed for a staff member here. Now notetab will 
no longer open XML files in Internet Explorer from the browser view button, 
and won't even open Internet Explorer at all if set as default browser or 
alternate browser.  Notetab will open Firefox but only with a blank page now, 
not the xml file being edited.  IE opens fine on its own from a desktop 

  When I started on trying to fix this the default browser view opened the xml 
file in <oXygen/> even though the default browser path in the options showed 
it going to iexplore.exe.  I reset .xml extension to be associated with IE 
instead of <oXygen/> and went into the preferences on <oXygen/> and unchecked 
Document Type Association for all xhtml and xml.  Even rebooted the machine.  
None of this fixed the problem.

This person still starts xml files in notetab because of an EAD clipbook that 
helps automate the process.

Any suggestions?



PS: is there a way to import notetab clipbooks into <oXygen/>?

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