[XML4Lib] 'Extending' MODS?

Walker, David dwalker at calstate.edu
Mon Jan 8 13:07:16 EST 2007

Hi All,
I'm working on a custom metasearch system.  When users of the system elect to save a record, I convert it from MARC-XML to MODS using a slightly modified version of the LOC XSLT style sheet.
I have two pieces of data that don't get picked-up by the LOC XSLT that I'd like to map into MODS, and was looking for a little advice:
(1) FORMAT.  In this case, I'm extracting several values from the MARC record, including the 513, 072, leader, or even just based on which database the record came from, and running all of that through a little algorithm.  I end-up with values like 'Article', 'Book', 'Dissertation', 'Book Review', etc.
I think this value should probably go in the 'genre' element, maybe with the authority attribute set to 'local'.  Sound right?
(2) PEER REVIEWED.  In this case, I'm querying an external data source to determine if, in the event the item is an article, whether it comes from a peer-reviewed journal.
Some databases include this information in the 514 field (Data Quality Note), and the LOC XSLT maps the 514 to a generic 'note' element.  I need something more refined to distinguish this value from other note fields.  Is there any existing attributes or values that might help me here?
I realize that, since this is all local to my system, I could just make it up as I go.  But thought keeping the records close to the actual MODS standard, while extending it a little for my purposes, would be desirable.
David Walker
Library Web Services Manager
California State University

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