[XML4Lib] Vacancy for developer at the Universiteit van Amsterdam

Brandsma, R. R.Brandsma at uva.nl
Mon Jan 22 12:44:46 EST 2007

The following position is available at the Digital Production Centre (DPC) of 
the Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam


The Digital Production Centre (DPC) offers scientists and knowledge organisations 
support to create, make available and archive electronic publications and databases for scientists and research-organisations. 
See: http://www.uba.uva.nl/digital_production_centre

* develop and maintain input modules (text, images), middleware, database systems 
(RDBMS, XML) and conversion tools 
* consult and assist projects for digital publications 

* professional (IT-)background, preferably on (sub-)academic level 
* excellent knowledge of and experience in markup and conversion languages (XML, XSLT) 
* experienced in Perl, Unix, CGI, CSS, JavaScript 
* preferably experienced in assisting projects for digital publications 
* preferably experienced in database technology, Web 2.0, webservices and AJAX 
* driven by innovation 
* analytical, focussed on problem solving and results 
* strong communication skills 
* can handle stress 

Salary: 2252 - 3554 Euro p/m
Contract: Non fixed-term, Full-time
Location: in the heart of Amsterdam centre (Singel 425) 
Closing Date for Applications: 30/01/2007

Application and Information: 
* Mr. R. Brandsma, head Digital Production Centre, telephone +31 20-525 2165, 
mailto:R.Brandsma at uva.nl


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