[XML4Lib] Index Data is looking for help

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.com
Tue Jul 3 11:09:18 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Index Data is one of the oldest companies working exclusively within an
open source software distribution model in the library sector -- we
started doing it a *long* time before it became cool. For the past 13
years, we've been able to do neat projects based on our own software,
and sometimes play a leading role in the evolution of standards and
technologies in the sector. Our business model is fundamentally based on
the proposition that if you give to your community, the community
inevitably finds ways to give back. And, we try to always have fun while
delivering exciting, empowering solutions to our customers.

We're looking to beef up our capacity in the US, and we're looking for
help. We offer a chance to be a part of a small team of devoted, smart
developers who love to deliver innovative solutions based on
standardards and open software.

We're looking for someone with a solid theoretical and practical
background in software development. We're looking for people who're not
fanatically devoted to any one platform and who gets a kick out of
learning something new. Our primary environments at the moment include
PHP, C/C++, Ajax (HTML/CSS/JS), and XSLT. You shouldn't be scared of
Perl. If you are comfortable with Java, that's cool and may well come in
useful, as long as you are not prone to lecturing your fellow humans
about it. Comfort with XML is important, knowledge of the
library-related standards (MARC/MARCXML/Z39.50/SRU/OAI, etc.) is a plus
but not essential.

Here's the kicker: You need to be able and willing to commute to Keene,
NH at least 1-3 times/week as conditons and projects warrant, and
otherwise be happy working on your own. We network extensively using
Skype, Email, and phone between our four locations in the US and Europe
and with customers. You need to be disciplined, self-motivating, a quick
study but not afraid to ask questions. It's a plus if you think it's
neat to work with a company small enough that you can help shape our
future. If you don't, you probably would not be happy with us.

Send CV and preferably examples of code you've written to
me, quinn at indexdata.com.

All the best,


Sebastian Hammer, Index Data
quinn at indexdata.com   www.indexdata.com
Ph: (603) 209-6853 Fax: (866) 383-4485

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