[XML4Lib] Style Sheet for RefWorks Display

Hutchinson, Alvin HUTCHINSONA at si.edu
Tue Nov 6 11:34:45 EST 2007

Please excuse the cross posting . . . .

I am creating a bibliography of staff publications using the web-based
bibliographic management software, RefWorks which can export to
tab-delimited or XML formats (among other things).

Of course I can import a delimited file into a SQL database and serve
the content up via scripting language, but I am wondering whether the
XML format might offer some more flexibility or other advantages. Any

My questions:

The master_bibliography.xml file will probably grow to 30-50mb or more.
Is this too large to adequately filter and display data on several dozen
different pages using XSLT or some other method?

Has anyone worked with RefWorks-exported XML? Sample data is shown here:

<a1>Author, First</a1>
<a1>Author, Second</a1>
<a1>Author, Third</a> 
<t1>Title of article or book chapter</t1>
<yr>Pub Year</yr>

I have written simple style sheets but I'm afraid I don't know how to
display repeated elements like <a1>. Any hints?

Thanks in advance for any advice and please pardon me if this is a dumb

Alvin Hutchinson
Smithsonian Institution Libraries
(202) 633-1031

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