[XML4Lib] MARCXML question

Houghton,Andrew houghtoa at oclc.org
Fri Mar 28 10:56:41 EDT 2008

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> Subject: [XML4Lib] MARCXML question
> I'm new to using MARCXML and a little uclear about the namespace.
> Right before the namespace declaration I'm finding sample records that start with "collection" and others that start with "marc:collection."
> Can anyone explain the different and advise on correct usage. I'm using this for a really big metadata project, so I want to get it right.

Either one is correct, there is no difference.  In one case the creator 
of the document used an explicit XML prefix, per the XML namspace
recommendation, and in the other case they didn't.  So long as the
proper MARC-XML name space is declared, with or without a prefix,
they mean the same thing.


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