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Ah, I started answering and now see Michelle beat me to it! Eric, the stylesheets here go the opposite direction from what you want, so I don't know how much help they'll be to you. But just in case: They were based on a MARCMXL to TEI header stylesheet from UIUC <http://oreo.grainger.uiuc.edu/stylesheets/MARC_TEI-twc.xsl>, which I adapted heavily. Ours still isn't all that robust (for example, just looks in the 100 field for authors rather than figuring out which 700s should be authors too), and hasn't been tested heavily, but it's a start.


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> Hi Eric,
> To add to Kevin's message, at IU are in the process of implementing a
> basic MARC-to-TEI Header extraction based on a MARC Extraction style
> sheet developed by UIUC.  This MARC-to-TEI Header process is part of a
> larger Java program that generates a "TEI Shell" for our encoding
> projects.  Jenn Riley, our Metadata Librarian, and David Jiao, E-Text
> Programmer, are the masterminds behind this, but I am in the midst of
> testing our new workflow and will be documenting the process on our
> publicly accessible wiki page:
> <https://wiki.dlib.indiana.edu/confluence/x/OQvpHQ>.  In the meantime,
> you can access the MARC extraction style sheet and our "template TEI"
> style sheet (and other style sheets) that make this happen.
> In our MARC to TEI Header mapping work, we referenced the new Best
> Practices Kevin speaks of to guide this work although the precise
> mappings are still a work in progress.  I along with Kevin, Jenn and
> others have been involved in the planning and authoring work so we
> used some of our insider knowledge to get going with our MARC
> extraction.
> Our first project guinea pig is actually a P4 TEI project for which we
> have a general Header template that details which bits are internal
> boilerplate, MARC derived and encoder generated.  If that would help
> you, I can generate a PDF of that documentation (it's password
> protected on our wiki).  However, this larger Java program will work
> with P4 pr P5 versions of the TEI and with both MARC-based and non-
> MARC-based metadata.
> --Michelle
> On Jun 19, 2009, at 12:15 PM, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
> > Eric,
> >
> > You probably know this, but you can't write a generic script to
> > convert TEI headers to MARCXML because the TEI header is so flexible
> > and open to interpretation in its use.  So you really need something
> > project- or collection-specific that takes into account local
> > metadata practices.
> >
> > That said, I am involved in a revision of the very outdated "TEI
> > Text Encoding in Libaries: Guidelines for Best Encoding Practices" (
> http://www.diglib.org/standards/tei.htm
> >  ).  The new version, renamed "Best Practices for TEI in
> > Libraries" ( http://purl.oclc.org/NET/teiinlibraries ) will include
> > MARC field mappings for header elements.  These are currently being
> > drafted, and we plan to have these in place by early July.  This
> > info might save you some time in writing your own stylesheet, noting
> > of course that the TEI encoding in the Best Practices will no doubt
> > differ from your local practice.  We hope this document will become
> > an approved TEI customization, available on the TEI website along
> > with stylesheets for MARCXML-->TEI and TEI-->MARCXML (which someone
> > will need to write), but this is all many months away from happening.
> >
> > More information on our work and timeline is at
> >
> > http://wiki.tei-
> c.org/index.php/TEI_in_Libraries:_Guidelines_for_Best_Practices_Working
> _Group
> >
> > If you are interested in writing stylesheets for this, we would very
> > much welcome your help!
> >
> > Kevin
> > Member of the TEI in Libraries: Guidelines for Best Practices
> > Working Group
> > Co-Convenor of the SIG on Libraries of the TEI Consortium
> >
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